Pearz is a sophisticated and versatile "connection" service. Use it to find friendship, love, romance, and sensual adventures. Or a trekking partner for your next trip to Nepal. New members for your volleyball league. There's really no limit. More than just an online dating service or a list of personal ads, Pearz addresses multiple aspects of personality, and the full spectrum of connections and relationships. Searches can be based on a wide variety of factors, ranging from the typical physical traits, to recreational and cultural activities and interests, to social and political attitudes, to religious beliefs, and to sensual and erotic interests.
DSR Says:
 Americans and Canadians will appreciate the care and consideration that has gone into the development of staff have followed the development of this service since early 2000 and it has grown from a local San Francisco web site to a North American meeting place that is not to be overlooked. Begin your visit with the tour, as an anonymous guest or join as a free member and discover the great features that are inside for you. We found an easy to navigate web site, a profile questionnaire that is easy to complete and also allows for you to feel that you have not only provided the proper amount of personal information about yourself to attract the right type of match, but also the right amount of information to help narrow down your own search for Ms., or Mr. Right. Visit “Your Desk” and keep on top of your messages using the email-like features, your journal for notes about other members, visit the “Village” for news in the community calendar and articles in the “Magazine Rack”. When searching you can use a lot of categories to find a compatible match (category choices are up to you) as well as for friendship (platonic) or for romantic (dating) matches. Types of personals available include heterosexual, gay and lesbian, single parent’s personal ads, bisexuals, and polyamorous and polyfidelitous relationships. This is a serious non-traditional relationship style which promotes non-jealousy, and allows people to be involved in more than one relationship, either separately or together. Poly contrasts itself with "swinging" and "recreational sex" by emphasizing that it is serious relationship style. The relationships often resemble traditional relationships, and its proponents may not be particularly "kinky" in any way. You can join for free and receive messages, but to send any messages you must be a full member. Pearz is advertising free, so you won’t have to deal with annoying banners or other distractions during your visit. Free to join, become a full member to send and reply to messages. Advice by Ask Kate and Dr.Lovelorn. Straight and same sex personal ads available.

Dedicated to helping you meet your intimate partner or partners! We're the largest adult dating site! Over 5,000,000 Adult Members! It's FREE, easy, and private to join! 100% anonymous.

The free trial offers a good way to check the service out before becoming a paying member. If you are looking for spice, this is the site for you. You can have a picture ad, and even add your voice to it for added attention. 16 live chat rooms, one for non-members and many for singles, men only, women only and couples with accessibility varying with your type of membership. Free memberships, chat rooms, picture ads, e-mail ad match service and newsletter.

An adult dating service for the interesting people out there, explicitly speaking. More for the One-Night hook-up than a long lasting relationship coupled with sex chat, a Cupids report for matches and your own Hotlist for bookmarking members that you are interested in, this service is definitely worth looking into.


PeopleMatch provides an absolutely free match-making service to help you find compatible people for friendship or romance. ~ As a Visitor, you can browse the Member database using our powerful searching software. ~ If you become a Member you can also use our matching software, enter extensive profile and preference information, instantly upload a picture and send anonymous email to other Members. ~ We take great care to protect your privacy, and you have complete control over your personal information at all times. Become a member today, you'll be glad that you did. This free membership is for all new members, no restrictions on using any of the services! Join Today!
DSR Says: Free membership? No Restrictions? Sign me up! Lots of picture ads to see who you'd like to meet. The next best thing to living in the same area! Meet someone NOW and change your life for the better! Joining allows you full access, free picture scanning service, becoming a member allows for 2 way matching and e-mail forwarding.


Platinum Romance
Are you ready to try something different that could change your life forever? With the advances in technology and the Internet, hundreds of thousands of people place Internet personal ads or spend hours using chat rooms trying to find that perfect person. We have all heard a story about people meeting on the Internet, falling in love, and moving to some other state so they can be together. And Platinum Romance is a great place to start! Browse the personals of people in your area or from around the world. It's free to join and we have great features to help you find that special someone now. 
DSR Says: Start your visit at Platinum Romance by joining the free trial. It lasts as long as you want and allows you to look around and see everything they offer, you can add up to 10 pictures of yourself and even add a voice greeting right away. I like the "Who's Online feature". You can check to see who's visiting Platinum Romance right now and view their profile, maybe even join them in one of the chat rooms, once you become a full member. Full members can send messages to anyone, but you have to be a full member yourself to respond to messages you receive. Your safety is assured since you have the Platinum Romance mail system protecting your privacy. The only thing revealed about yourself is what you say and the pictures of yourself you add to your profile. There is also a profile stats page so you can see how many times your profile has been viewed and how many messages you've received and replied to. Many other features include the Horoscopes, the Riddle of the Week, the Platinum Puzzle, Best Date and Worst Date stories and my favorite, the Worst Pick-up Lines Ever! You will receive emails from Platinum Romance when someone sends you a message, so you don't have to log in every day to see if you have any messages. Free to post your personal ad and add pictures and a voice greeting. Great stories and features including "Who's Online" and Chat rooms. Become a paid member to make contact and join the chats.

It's about time to meet somebody great! With your free membership at you can receive/reply to e-mail from members within the network and travel freely throughout the entire site without paying a membership fee.
DSR Says: has the features that make a great online service. The featured free membership allows you full access to everything, including replying to messages you receive without paying a membership fee. Premium membership is available and it allows you to initiate contact with someone you find interesting. Registering and completing your free profile is fast and you can add up to 5 pictures with your profile too. Take your time with the 2 essay questions, remember, this will be your first impression on someone new. Once you've joined you will want to try the search system to find some interesting members to meet. We like the categories available for searching and the added feature of finding people that have searched for you. You are able to search America by state, Canada by province and the rest of the world by country. Messages are sent and received anonymously through the online email system with you receiving a message to your registered email address letting you know that you have a message waiting. Safe, secure and free, you'll can use the chat room and even get a free email address. Features include a suggested gift list and "Ask Sheila" and "Ask Rob" advice columnists. Free membership, reply to message you receive without paying a membership fee. Chat room, gift list, free greeting cards and advice service on the site. Straight and same sex personals available.

A Pretty Woman
A Pretty Woman has a gallery of more than 2,400 pictures of women waiting to meet you! Here is the easiest way to meet them! You can list a personal listing and the girls that fit your request will contact you! It works like this. You send us your information, include a photo, tell us about yourself and something about the girls you would like to meet. This can be emailed to us or you can use regular mail. The photo can be sent as an email attachment. Once a month we send out your letter and photo to 500 girls. The following month we choose another 500 girls and so on every month for four months. Whatever contact information you supply we pass on to the girls. If you supply a phone number, email, postal address and/or fax details we will include this in the letters, so the girls will contact you directly. What makes this work so well is the personalized nature of regular mail. A letter arriving in the mailbox is far more effective than an advertisement in a magazine. The girls who receive the letters show them to their friends and family, so for each girl that receives a letter, you can multiply this amount by five. There are two plans available, the basic personal listing and the premium personal listing. This site is not your regular internet dating service as the girls are not contacted by e-mail, but the letters that YOU write they receive in their "snail" mail box, and reply via regular mail direct to you. A Pretty Woman is the initiator of the letter writing and they screen the girls that will receive your letter.
DSR Says: If you are looking for a "mail-order marriage" service, here it is! With many successes, when you get serious, A Pretty Woman is here to help you get what you want out of life, a woman that loves and respects you, that is interested in YOU and not the car you drive or the clothes that you wear. Paid personal listings, scheduled romantic tours, voice contact option, this is a European women marriage site but includes profiles of ladies from all around the world.